My first blog post EVER!

Well, I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think up a theme for my blog and then the inevitable hit me square on the head. What am I most qualified to talk about? What has been my focus for the past thirty years? What is the last thing I think about before going to sleep at night and the first thing I think about when I wake up?

Why, my weight, of course.

Hardly the most original subject to blog about but my struggle with my ever-expanding waist line is important to ME. I am passionate about loosing weight and that I think is the key to a blog that grabs people’s attention. The blogger has to be passionate about what they are writing.

And then there’s honesty. I balked at the thought of posting my weight online. What if someone who knows me finds out how much I weigh? Oh, the shame. But, when I thought about it, anyone who knows me is quite aware that I am no lightweight. Hopefully they would be moved to cheer me on. And maybe, by posting my actual weight so actual people can see it will make me accountable. Maybe, the only way to lose the shame is to lose the weight [there’s a thought!] Once I’m 130 lbs. I won’t mind admitting I was once …

I was…


Oh what the heck… spit it out girl… 304 lbs

Yes, 304 lbs of lumbering, quivering fat.

Yes, the day of reckoning has arrived. I am 53 years old, 5ft 5inches tall, my knees, neck, back and hips hurt. I get out of breath walking a few steps, I avoid climbing stairs and I haven’t run anywhere since Bill Clinton was in the White House. I can see the future and it’s not pretty. Zimmer frames, wheel chairs, oxygen tanks are all waiting for me in the not too distant future.

So…what is my plan.

I know from experience I have to follow a strict low-calorie meal plan, no little treats or rewards for me or I’ll go completely off the rails. I have had success with Dr Bernstein’s diet plan in the past. It’s very low in calories and I am guaranteed a weight loss of 5 lbs a week. probably not the healthiest way to diet but you are monitored closely by the clinic. You are weighed by a nurse three times a week, see the clinic doctor at intervals and have regular blood work, BP checks and ECG’s.

As for exercise…I like it…once I get to the gym, the pool or just out walking. It’s the getting there that’s the problem!

So, there you have it. I taking a big step into the unknown, I hope to join the ranks of the trim and fit. Maybe blogging about my journey to slimhood will help me perservere…I’m hoping it will.

Join me for the ride.